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Take out or upload your recent statement.
Find your processors fees or have us identify them with you. 
Cut your processor fees in half by switching to ProcessPoint today!

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Sounds too good to be true?

  • Cut your processor fees in half

  • Never raise our processor fees

  • No upfront or hidden costs

  • Never a cancellation fee

How It Works!

How We Can Do It!

We never raise your processor fees!!

Need a terminal? We will loan you an EMV certified terminal at no cost!

Take out or                             your recent statement.
Find your processors fees or have us identify them with you. 
Cut your processor fees in half by switching to ProcessPoint today!
  • Simple program allows for a fast business decision

  • Cutting your fees in half eliminates the bid process

  • Cost effective marketing removes the need for a sales force

  • Taking less profit results in winning more deals

Next Day Funding

We want to take the guess work out of merchant processing and provide a simple program people can understand. What better way to do that than taking your current, good processors fees and make them great by cutting them in half, FOREVER! Merchants are tired of inflated savings that never materialize. We have been in business for 17 years and our average client is with us for 7+ years, 5 times longer than the industry average. We do that by simply offering extraordinary fees that never go up and providing exceptional service.


We have eliminated our sales force and replaced it cost-effective online marketing and social media strategies. No high-pressure sales reps, just take your current processing fees and cut them in half, FOREVER!


To be able to offer this program, our operating costs need to be the absolute lowest, except for client services. We have leveraged our 17 years in merchant services to get some of the most competitive rates in the industry and run a very efficient business. No more wasted time going back and forth with clients going out to bid, remember our program is as simple as it appears. We save you time and money.


When you put this all together, a simple program, keeping a low company operating cost, high-tech efficient marketing, and long-term satisfied clients with great referrals, hopefully, it makes a little more sense. It is wise to be wary but silly not to at least take The $1000 Challenge!


Savings Example

There are a few super skinny deals out there where cutting your processor fees in half would be below our cost. Send us your statements, if you happen to be one of these fortunate merchants, we will simply give you a $1000.00 VISA Gift card just for your time.


**Must be able to process with ProcessPoint and be on our marketing list. 

The $1000 Challenge!

Real Life Example

Our Promise

How It Works
Our Clients
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Take The $1000 Challenge!

How We Can Do It


“Notwithstanding price and service, one of the main reasons why we chose ProcessPoint was because they have the ability to fund our account the very next day”

-Keving Rankel, Corporate Controller

American Rentals

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$1000 Challange
Savings Example
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